You can store almost anything that fits into the boxes. However, for safety and insurance reasons, we can’t store liquids, illegal substances, perishables and hazardous materials. For a complete list, do refer to our Storage Rules.

The dimensions of our standard boxes are 60cm W x 40cm L x 36cm H.

On average, you’ll need 15 boxes to store items from one bedroom unit. As this will differ depending on your bedroom size and how much stuff you need to store, we encourage you to order more boxes first. Our drivers will take unused boxes back—at no extra charge!

From experience, one box is able to fit:

20 pairs of shoes, 10 board games, 80 T-shirts, or 60 paper backed books.

Fret not. We offer storage for odd-sized items that can’t fit into our boxes. Enter the dimensions of your item(s) on our online calculator and you’ll get an immediate quote. Alternatively, you can opt to store using your own 2-ply carton boxes.    

If you need more help, feel free to contact us for more details.

You’re welcome to store almost anything with us—not just boxes! We accept bicycles, sports equipment, luggages, furniture, and much more. If you’re not sure, check our Storage Rules or feel free to contact us.

Certainly—we’ll be happy to store your boxes, especially if you wish to store items that don’t fit into our StorageTree standard box. Do be sure to use 2-ply carton boxes. But if your boxes are smaller than our standard StorageTree box, you’ll be prompted to use our StorageTree boxes instead.

As a courtesy to our team of drivers, please keep each box within 25kg.

No, you may order as many boxes as you wish! 

Don’t worry—you only pay for boxes you use. Our drivers will take unused boxes back. If you order too few, just ask our drivers for more. We ensure that our drivers bring extra boxes—just in case!

Yes! We ask our customers to store for at least 3 months.