How It Works


Schedule a free box delivery

Pack your belongings into our boxes

We collect, store and return your items upon request

Select storage and schedule appointments.
Pick your preferred date and timeslot where we’ll drop-off empty boxes and collect your items for storage. Drop-off and collection of new items are always free! (Except for large, bulky items and furniture.)

Pack and snap a picture.
We’ll wait for up to 15 minutes while you pack (if you’ve ordered 3 StorageTree boxes or less), or you can schedule a later pick-up within the next 14 days. Snap a picture of your items and update your storage description on your StorageTree account. This helps you retrieve items easily in the future. 

Once everything’s packed, our fleet of professionally-trained drivers will transport them to our secure storage facilities.

Need something back? Login to your account and select the items you want to retrieve. We’ll have them delivered back as early as within 2 working days. We will also drop you an email and SMS to help you remember your appointments.


Ready to store?