To Keep or Not to Keep, that is the ultimate De-Cluttering Question!

With your typical Singaporean home of 90 sqm and under, one often finds oneself jostling for space with all our earthly possessions. It truly begs the question – what can I throw out? For those who are decluttering and need guidance, or really are just seeking validation (don’t worry friend, we all know how that feels), this handy guide will give you exactly what you need – a “BIN IT” or “BOX IT”!


  1. Inexpensive duplicates.

One of the most common wastages in your typical store room is massive duplication. Here’s an example: Paper Bags. Because we totally might need to use this nice paper bag in the future for passing an item to somebody else (plastic bags are so crass, right?). Or, it could come in handy for the next Christmas exchange, but let’s be honest – the speed at which we accrue such items is generally faster than we shed them, and this applies to not just paper bags, but other disposables like re-used sealable bags, plastic utensils and so on. If they’re inexpensive and way too numerous, BIN IT.

So. Many. Bags. (Picture Credit: Annie Mole)

What if the items are numerous, but will see use in the foreseeable future or are expensive? Leftover diapers from your toddler, picnic disposables (and you DO picnic often) that you bought in bulk, expensive Christmas wrappers? BOX IT. With one phone call, your entire inventory of useful items will be one click away, leaving you more space to breathe.


  1. Present of the Past.

Here’s another space hoarder that most of us are guilty of keeping. The boys decided it would be funny to give you a glitter hair-spray. Or someone at the office xmas party decided it would be a hoot to wrap up a fart-pillow and join the gift exchange. Whatever the gift, it was something that we’d never use in this lifetime. The trap is we’d tell ourselves – but we’d be throwing away the memory! Or what if the person found out? Look, if you’ve never used it and they’ve never asked, the gift has outlived its usefulness – which is basically inducing hysteric laughter at your facial expression when you first unboxed it. That’s the last box it should have ever been in: BIN IT.

Thanks guys. Thanks a lot. (Picture Credit: Jo Blakeley)

Then there are the gifts worth their weight in gold – thoughtful, functional. But they may not be needed out of their boxes right this moment: that beautiful cookware set that the in-laws bought for your new Apartment which isn’t ready. Or the stroller and walker clogging the corridor when you’re still 6 months away from the due date. Or a set of golf clubs from close friends – but we really only play together twice a year. What you need to do is BOX IT, and only call for these things when you need it.

Good for at least 20 bottles of hair spray. Or something more useful.


  1. Once Broken, Considered Gone.

That fan you’re going to get around to making work again? It sells for $15 on the internet. The cheap LCD monitor that’s off color and ‘only’ needs 2,187 steps to fix with some solder. The $90 bicycle with the damaged derailleur that could be settled in an hour if you just had the time. Yes, we all believe we’re someday going to return these things to their former glory. #MakeItGreatAgain, am I right? No, we really aren’t. Our subconscious sometimes stops us from doing silly things, while our conscious tells us we’ll get round to it. If the item isn’t worth the effort to repair, or can simply be bought for less, BIN IT.

No, you're not.

On the other hand, if you’re handy and have tools and spare parts that are for those emergency situations or expensive assets, BOX IT, and leave it to professional storage providers to care for your items – until you need them!

  1. Forms without Memories.

It’s black. It’s plastic. It looks like it’s part of a larger whole. Was it for the remote? No, the remote is working fine. Did it come from something in the kitchen? Nah, if something was missing, you’d know. Where on earth did this UFO (Unidentified Foreign Object) come from? If nothing you’ve been using has been missing the item, chances are you will never find out what it is, and it will always be taking up space. BIN IT.

I just know if I throw this out I'm going to need it next week. (Picture Credit: Creative Tools)

In the rare scenario where you do figure out what the thingamajig is for, BOX IT! It can be handy to have a spare parts box with all the loose items from your household. If there isn’t any room in your house for such a box, simple call the professionals, who will provide the valet service for your items any time you need them (or not).


  1. Old Hobbies Die Hard.

Scuba fins from that time you used to dive with friends. The snowboard you had awesome times with before you got too old to ollie. Dilapidated Rollerblades older than your firstborn. It can be hard to let go of items that identify with a phase of your life; they hold so many memories, although lately they’ve been holding little more than dust. If you’ve already moved on, BIN IT.

For some of us, age is just a number. (Picture Credit: Matt Ming)

What if the lull is temporary? If you’re going to be dusting off those fins for a dive next year, or intending to buy another (much smaller) pair of rollerblades for your child so you can glide together, BOX IT. You can always recall your items from the comfort of your home when it’s time to return to the rink (or the sea).


  1. Trash to treasure.

It’s surprising how fast we can outgrow certain things, sometimes literally. The best instance of this is when you have a child. The clothes that can no longer fit just form an ever-growing pile, and sometimes even walkers and baby chairs are no longer the right fit. If these items are damaged or not something you would buy at a garage sale, BIN IT.

What do you mean, she can't wear it anymore? I bought that LAST WEEK! (Picture Credit: Connie Ma)

If, however, it were something you would buy if it were on sale, do consider storing it for friends or family who may be expecting to go through the same phase as you. Or even set up an online store and sell them in bulk! Whatever the path, to BOX IT will give this ‘trash’ another hope of being someone’s treasure.


When you’re done boxing up the stuff you want to keep, head over to and let us handle the rest!