The 10 Wise Ways of Spick and Span Living

Does your home feel like a mess even though you’re ‘minimalist’? Or does Order become Chaos in the space of a week despite keeping a lean inventory? Here are 10 handy rules to live by to keep a house in a clean, orderly condition. Mums and Dads, feel free to pin this on every other wall and the kids’ door(s). We know you’ll want to!

Wisdom #1: Make the bed.

If nobody’s sleeping it in, the sheets should be pulled tight, duvets and covers neatly laid over or folded, and pillows neatly placed at the head. The bed is the largest object in most bedrooms and if it’s an eyesore, the rest of the room could will be a military barracks and still feel messy. There’s a good reason why we call it “stand by Bed” in the army instead of any other piece of furniture.

Wisdom #2: Hang up the towels on racks.

Instead of over the back of chairs, tossed on the floor, slung over doorknobs and wardrobe handles. Yes, we’ve been watching. Not only do carelessly placed towels make a home look untidy, it’s a filthy habit as well! Moisture and human skin cells that rub off whenever you towel yourself dry are a breeding ground for bacteria, and if not hung properly to dry, they will thrive and soon produce that musky, stale smell that old towels do, and this means more frequent washing, and more energy and water usage!

Wisdom #3: Wash dirty dishes immediately.

One of the most important rules is to never walk away from a sink with unfinished business. Unless something is on fire, there is very little reason not to spend the extra minute to wash up and put away. If left long enough, a dirty sink of dishes will even attract pests.

Wisdom #4: Place dirty clothes in the hamper.

You’d think this advice is usually for kids, but so many adults are guilty of this too. Considering our hot and humid weather, this practice is all the more disgusting. The floor, the chair backrest, the sofa and the bed (eew!) are certainly not places for dirty laundry. Straight into the hamper it goes. To make things easier, try placing the hamper outside the shower (or wherever you typically undress) so that the correct option is at least a convenient one as well.

Wisdom #5: Stand books and magazines up.

No matter how you try, you can’t make a stack of papers, magazines or books look neat. Instead, invest in a few cheap bookends, and stand your magazine and books, even if they’re in the living room. It makes retrieving any particular one easier, and it’s easier on the eye as well.

Wisdom #6: Put things back where they came from.

Why do things go missing? Because they don’t have a regular spot, or they aren’t in that spot. It’s really that simple. Have a place for everything in your home, and make sure it makes its way back after you’re done with it.

Wisdom #7: Throw out the garbage once it’s full.

In the name of efficiency, many of us elect to let the garbage bags pile up near the door. “I’ll bring out 2 bags each time, and save the effort.” Is what we tell ourselves. Not that our guests would know that, of course. All they see is a mini refuse centre inside your front door.

Wisdom #8: Sort drawers once they’re filled.

Having drawers stacked to the brim is NOT normal, my friend! When a drawer has to be rummaged through to get to anything, it’s a sign of neglect. Empty that drawer out, throw out what’s not needed, and neatly arrange the remainder. If it's seldom used, box it away neatly in the storeroom or with a storage provider like Storagetree.

Wisdom #9: Filter the mail.

Opening the mailbox, grabbing everything inside and just bringing it upstairs with you and into the flat sounds really simple, easy and logical. Except it isn’t. Be picky about the mail you bring upstairs, otherwise who will be to blame for the ‘inexplicable’ build up of mailers, pamphlets, brochures and credit card advertisements cluttering up the living room dresser or table? Sift through the mail quickly after retrieving it, and toss into the bin immediately whatever doesn’t interest you. (Be careful not to throw out the bills!)

Wisdom #10: Abide by your new wisdom!

Picking up good habits can be hard. It takes repetition, lots of it, before it becomes muscle memory. Don’t let up and keep those good habits above, and soon you’ll find that clutter in your home will be a thing of the past. 


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