Is your Storeroom being properly utilized?

It seems a strange question to ask, that many of us don’t even consider, but if you stop to think about it, it is a very important question indeed. Singapore is a small space and we are reminded of it constantly with the sky high per square foot prices of our homes. And here’s something to ponder – your storeroom is a part of that square foot count! Think about it – if you paid 400,000 for your flat, and the storeroom is say, 5% of your floor space, basically you paid 20,000 for that storeroom. That’s a very expensive piece of property we’re not maximising!

Here are 3 tell-tale signs to look out for that you’re not getting the most out of your very expensive piece of property:

1. No more vacancies!


It’s a thin line between Storeroom and Garbage Dump! (Pic Credit: Peyrl Herrera)                 

This is the most obvious sign. A storeroom so full that nothing else can go in is NOT a sign of maximum utilization. It’s a sign of hoarding! A properly kept storeroom would have room for your latest stuff or temporary storage, and not serve as a black hole for unwanted things. A proper storeroom would have some room for your new disposables such as plastic bag and toilet roll reserves, and definitely enough room for you to move around to retrieve said stores.



2. Nobody’s gone in for ages.

Clearly, it has been a while. (Pic Credit: Tom Green)

Nobody goes into a room if they don’t have business there. But if nobody has had any business in that storeroom for ages, it means pretty much that even if the storeroom just disappeared overnight or became a doorway to Narnia, nobody in your house would even notice. You could even empty it out and turn it into a hobby room, which would be a better use of the space. If you’re going in there regularly for spare parts, new toilet rolls or toothpaste, that’s a good sign.



3. Everything’s still in the same boxes you moved in with.

Well, the good news is if we need to move again, it'll be pretty easy. (Pic Credit: Joe Hall)


This is a subtle signal that you’re hoarding. If you haven’t had to unbox anything from the old storeroom, it was probably best left behind. These boxes should be holding stuff that you semi-regularly use (like winter clothing for the annual family holiday, for example). Otherwise, they’re just eating up your expensive living space. 


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