Is Your Home a Warehouse?

“Wow, you really got a lot of stuff.”
“I think you can afford to sell some things, yea?”

“How do you find your things in this mess?”

If these are things often said to you by visitors, it may be time to review what you’ve been storing in your home. Where to start, though? That’s a huge question right there, and most of us never get past it. Well, this handy guide right here will get you packing and decluttering right away!

1. Photos and Memorabilia – When Memory Lane looks like Chatuchak Market

Unless you’re going for that photo-panel wall, an excess of pin-ups, frames on the bedsides and cabinets, and even wall frames will make your apartment look a lot smaller (and crowded!) than it really is. Of course every memory is treasured; but we live in the 21st Century, where a gadget that fits in your pocket can easily (and efficiently) store all your photos of the last year (or 2). Scan the ones that you don’t have a soft copy of, and leave only the most precious photos hanging (or sitting). This is the first step to making your apartment seem a little less… overwhelming.

2. Clothes and Shoes – When your room is literally a Chatuchak Market booth

OK, let’s be real. There are 365 days in a year, and only so many times you can change clothes. If you can get through an entire year without repeating anything, its time to reduce that inventory. The low lying fruit would be clothes that (ahem) don’t quite fit our frame any longer. If you’ve been in the same exact shape for the last 3 years, amazing! For the rest of us mortals, just remember that its what’s inside that counts – same goes for that over-packed wardrobe. Shed the excess outfits, and you’re on your way to clean city!

3. Gadgets and Platforms – Sim Lim Square would be Jealous

What have we got here? PS3, Xbox One, iPhone 4, Note 3… Well, there’s a chance some of these could become collector’s items, but its not going to be any time soon. If these aren’t going to the Ah Beng shop for $20 apiece, we can understand. But they have no place in an uncluttered home! Toss them in a Storagetree box, and we’ll hold on to it for as long as you need.

4. Unused Kitchen Equipment – The Never-going-to-make-this-thing 2000

They always start out as awesome ideas. “Wow, I can make my own roti prata! Just add water and flour!” Or “Apples in this end, strudel comes out the other?! Take my money!” And then they finish as white elephants. Once the novelty is gone (or your spouse threatens a divorce if she has to eat another machine made prata), these once-handy kitchen tools become space devourers. They’re bulky, reduce the space you have for real necessities like spices, pots and pans, and result in a kitchen that looks like an engine room, and we don’t mean the cool ones like in Star Trek. If you’re intending to use them again in a larger kitchen, that’s fine. Free up space in the current one by calling professionals like Storagetree to create the clutter-free kitchen you and your family deserve.

5. Excess Furniture – Whose Chair is it Anyway?

Alright, let’s do a headcount. Mom, Dad, 2 kids. Now the furniture – sofa for 3, 2 ottomans, 1 leather armchair, 1 loveseat, 2 beanbag chairs… and we’re still in the living room. Everyone gets a little carried away when they see stuff they’d love to sit on, dine from or laze in. That doesn’t mean we can use them all at once. If a magic bag to whisk away that beanbag chair until you want to see it again 3 months down the road is a trick you wish you had, then you’ll be glad to know the solution provider is here.


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