Unclutter Your Life

StorageTree makes storage simple!
We store and return your items
right to your doorstep.

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Unclutter Your Life

Make your home more spacious and
comfortable for everyone.

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Unclutter Your Life

StorageTree makes storage simple.
All within the convenience of your home or office
We deliver FREE boxes and collect them right at your doorsteps.

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Experience a closet dream

Make space for new clothes by
storing away what you don't need.


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Secure Document Storage

Your documents sit safe in our 24/7
CCTV-monitored secured facilities.


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How it works

Storage Tree is a valet self storage solution for customers who require storage space in Singapore. Whether it's short term renovation storage or long term document storage, we have a solution for you. We deliver free storage boxes to you in Singapore. You then pack your storage items into the box and we will come and pick up the boxes from your home. You only pay for what you use and don't have to leave the comfort of your home!

Schedule a free box delivery

Pack your belongings into our boxes

We collect, store and return your items upon request



  • 24-hour secured, fire-protected facilities

  • 100% owned fleet and drivers

  • Easy booking system

  • Real-time storage status

  • Customised security box-seals

StorageTree Box

Durable, quality boxes to tuck away clothes,
books, documents, DVDs, and more!
Anything that fits.

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Think out of the box.
Sports equipment, luggage,
seasonal items, furniture and more!
Store just about anything with us.

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  • S$5.99

    Per box, per month (Min 3 mths)

    StorageTree Boxes

    Free drop-off of new boxes
    Free collection of packed boxes
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For Document Storage queries, please give us a call @ 6461 0218